Hi and welcome to Radical Reptiles, my name is Karen Purt-Thompson also known as “Snakelady” and I am seen here with a couple of my favorite snakes.

Established locally in 2003 Radical Reptiles is the first choice for Reptile Birthday parties, Education and Training or that WOW factor for your next event.

Keeping courses, Consultancy and Reptile Wrangling are just a few of the services Radical Reptiles provide, I am also available for School incursions, Shopping Centre Displays and Corporate gatherings

Radical Reptiles is also now available to relocate reptiles from your garden or property, especially venomous snakes with people problems!!

Radical Reptiles is available 7 days a week for your event and will provide you with over 25 reptiles to share with you and your desired audience.

The adults and childrens birthday parties are second to none as Radical Reptiles provides a fun, hands on, safe and educational experience with quality service and exceptional animals.

Radical Reptiles will travel to you North or South of the river, Toodyay – Bridgetown.

You cant go past RADICAL REPTILES.

Radical Reptiles Education & Training came about from a passion for and a love of all things scaly and the misconception that they are slimy, horrid creatures., this couldn’t be further from the truth, they are gentle, inquisitive and beautiful creatures.

“I saw a need within the community to promote responsible pet ownership and respect for our reptiles and truly believe that we can conserve our native fauna through education.

One of the biggest thrills when doing a Radical Reptiles display is when someone says they hate snakes or are terrified of snakes, I make it my mission in life to change this attitude so that we can learn to live in harmony with them.  When I manage to help someone overcome his or her fear and I can change at least one persons mind each day, my job is done.

In my view the only good snake is NOT a dead snake, it is the little Stimsons python who is only 6 months old, the size of a pencil being held by the little girl who was nearly crying in fear when she first saw it.

In my view all snakes are good snakes, be it a Python or a Tiger Snake, they all have a right to be here and without them our world would be overrun with vermin.

With our constant need for housing and now the ever looming threat of the cane toad, conservation of our species is becoming more urgent, every little thing we do, can make a difference!!

I think Reptiles are Radical…how about you”??   Karen – Radical Reptiles